tudosito video a programrol:

Ingyenes főzőverseny és családi kulturális program.

Angol nyelvű program:

Early morning — Starting of Cooking Contest
11:00 Opening

11:15 Activities for Toddlers and Traditional Hungarian Games for Kids with Ágnes Majorné Perger;
Traditional Archery with Zoltán Gere (Scythian-Celtic-Hun Horseback Archery)

12:15 Hungarian Zither and Folk Song Performance by Zsuzsanna Bogdánné Kálló and Zoltán Kincses

12:45 Concert by Boró & Szlama Music Duo (Boró-Szlama Hungary) — Hungarian Folk Music, Music of the Old Times and World Music

13:15 Performance of four junior members of Vidróczki Folk Dance Ensemble (Vidróczki Néptáncegyüttes Hungary) and Koniczyna Polish Folk Dance Group (Polish Folk Dance Group Koniczyna Ireland)

14:30 Folk Dance Workshop by Vidróczki Folk Dance Ensemble and Boró & Szlama Music Duo (Boró-Szlama)

15:00 Cooking Contest — Announcement of Results

15:15 Music & Comedy Performance by Péter Polgár (Polgár Peti Hungary)

16:00 Traditional Horseback Archery Show by Zoltán Gere (Scythian-Celtic-Hun Horseback Archery Ireland)

All day — market, arts & crafts activities, bouncy castles, slides, maze

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

– Free event –

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